Our life with dogs


My first meating with Tango when I was 3 years old 
He became my very best frind

Our life with dogs began in 1971 with a long-haired dachshund named Sussie. She was a part of our family for 15 1/2 years.

We were then without a dog for a period of 10 years, but we were missing it too much and Stella a Bishon Frisť came to us in 1996.

I came in contact with a lot of "dog people" who had the breeds Bolognese and Havanaise. The Bolognese took my heart and in 1997 came our first Bolognese Rina. I became very interested in dog shows and was lucky enogh to buy a beautiful Bolognese from Kennel Puzinus - Laila Bergman. In 1998 came TinTin to our family.

In my contact with "dog people" I also got a cute Havanaise boy from Kennel Voila - Pernilla Glumstrand. He is called Kalle P (the girls favorite) since he was warmly welcomed by the three girls at home. Pernilla Glumstrand is actually the first breeder who took the Bolognese to Sweden in 1988.

From my own breeding I have kept one girl from Rinas first litter. She is called Frillan and she is born in January 2001.

I was so "bitten" by dog shows and by the breed Bolognese whom I decided to develop. It is a wonderful breed with a lot of dog in a small package. I have a small scale breeding with quality before quantity. I am searching all over Europe for dogs with new lines for breeding. It is difficult and time-consuming but the Bolognese is really worth it


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